Cover image of Double Delight

Double Delight

Stein-Erik Olsen

Gro Sandvik

Francis Poulenc: Trois Mouvements Perpetuels

Eugène Bozza: Polydiaphonie

Olav Berg: Tre Mellomspill

Poul Rovsing Olsen: Danse Elegiaque

Double Delight

Recorded in Fana Church, June 1986 by Bergen Digital Studio.


"Both players (and it must be stressed that this is an equal partnership) perform excellently, with Gro Sandvik's unfuzzy style a reproach to all those flute players who insist on a vibrato with every note, and Stein-Erik Olsen's work is solid and professional, a tower of strength in every respect."
-Classical Guitar 1987 UK

"Les deux interprètes sont remarquables et plaisir d´écoute est encore accentué par une prise de son d'excellente qualité et en enregistrement digital."
-Alain Miteran Les cahiers de la Guitare 1987 (France)

"Bergen-based musicians with enticing music outside of the classical repertoire's beaten path. Gro Sandvik's tender, sensitive sound stands in fine relief against Stein-Erik Olsen's often refined and nuanced guitar sound."
-Johan Kvandal 1987-Aftenposten (Norway)