Cover image of Sonata mongoliana

Sonata mongoliana

Stein-Erik Olsen

Domenico Scarlatti: 3 sonatas

Stephan Rak: Three Russian Waltzes, Temptations of the Renaissance, Sonata mongoliana

Carlo Domeniconi: Koyunbaba

Paulo Bellinati: Jongo

Nikita Koshkin: Usher-Waltz

Virtuoso guitar music

This time Stein-Erik Olsen presents original works for guitar, with the exception of the Scarlatti adaptations. Moving outside the ‘spanish’ repertoire, he moves between Rak, Bellinati, Domeniconi and Koshkin. The contemporary composers here are all great guitar virtuosos, resposible for new developments in guitar playing technique. Stein-Erik Olsen’s latest release was hailed in the Gramophone Magazine: “The record is distiguished by absolutely splendid guitar-playing and eminent composers”.


"Stein-Erik Olsen is an international master guitarist… The variety in this recording is considerable: Afro-inspired Brazilian music, Russian-inspired Czech music, music with Turkish overtones written by an Italian and a very exciting work based on Edgar Allan Poe's “the Fall of the House of Usher” written by Nikita Koshkin. All this is woven around Scarlatti's Baroque sonatas. The recording shows that both the guitar and Stein-Erik Olsen are genuine, innovative and international."
-Trond Eriksen, Smaalene Avis 2000 (Norway)